Updated 3/03/2014
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This website displays pre-owned transmitters for sale by all the major used transmitter dealers in America. Contact us first when you find a listing you see a unit you want more information about or are interested in purchasing. We display listings for Transcom and Besco as well as our own transmitter consignments. Transmitters that we list as a representative of other companies are subject to prior direct quotes or sales. You must not have received a quote direct from either company in order for us to be your one stop shopping place for used transmitters.

Imagine your EAS/CAP System doubling as your station's Automation.
Now imagine it can also Generate Composite Stereo, Process Your Audio, Stream your signal on the Net and send out the RDS data as well.
The Sparta EAS Xtra can be equipped to do it all, or just be a great, EAS/CAP unit.
We also have TV transmitters for sale, analog and digital or digital ready.
Due to the large number of used TV transmitters available,We are unable
list all of them here. Email us with your TV Transmitter wish list and we
will send you a list of transmitters that match your criteria.  
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