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Marti ME40
Continuing the Tradition

BE exciters have legendary quality and performance, beginning with the FX 30 and continuing today with the FX 50, FM 100C, and FM 250C analog exciters and FXi 60, FXi 250, and now the STXe digital exciters. This is not just BE talk… for over a decade, over 500 exciters per year have been purchased by either new or existing radio stations that desire the best sounding FM transmission. BE exciter’s audio quality is simply the best.

Continuing the tradition is the new line of STXe Digital Exciters. The STXe line of exciters provide audio performance equivalent to the FXi Series, but in a smaller package and with a smaller price.

With the addition of VPe, Vector Power Enhancement, this new exciter can also operate in HD Radio™ or DRM+ applications, providing the ability to be used in elevated HD level applications or in DRM+ installations that desire an FM analog and DRM+ transmission from a single transmitter. With the STXe Exciters line, you choose your digital standard and the STXe is ready for you. It is even approved for LPFM.

1 kW Low Power FM Transmitter

BE's STX LP was the first low power transmitter to effectively combine thequality, features and support you want at an exceptional value. With STX LP Generation II, there’s now even MORE VALUE!

With built-in features not found in competing models, BE saves you more than just the cost of additional external equipment. Smaller rack size, quicker installation and set-up times, reduced maintenance and future system expandability options puts you at a competitive advantage while ensuring overall system reliability.

Designed to Last

Leveraging proven BE technology, the STX LP gives low power stations a boost with an enhanced PA design, increased redundancy and extreme flexibility.

The truly scalable design accommodates both current and future system configurations, including main/alternate, FM booster and N+1 applications, ensuring your purchase today will meet your needs tomorrow. As your station's needs change, so can your transmitter, saving you money on costly system upgrades.
Scalable design allows 1 kW, 2kW, 3 kW and 5 kW configurations
Front panel control and metering via LCD interface
Elegantly Simple Meets Innovative Design
The STX 10 is the newest solid state FM transmitter in BE’s transmitter line; and it is the best in our long history in radio. The STX 10 elegantly, but simply, provides the best combination of features in a compact package. The radio broadcaster expects reliability along with performance and the STX 10 delivers on both accounts. Today’s transmitters are expected to be small and energy efficient. With a size of only 22RU and able to fit in a standard rack and with 70% AC to RF efficiency, the STX 10 shines in both areas.
Looking further into the design, the STX 10 provides multiple hot-pluggable Power Amplifier Modules and Power Supply Modules to stay on air in an adverse situation. If you want redundancy, the STX 10 provides options for both the Power Supply and Controller Power Supply for an auxiliary spare. Of course, as the world becomes more IP connected, the STX 10 can be accessed from any PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone and is also SNMP V2 and V3 compatible.
If audio quality is important, then the STX 10 with our latest exciter, the STXe 500 is the right choice. Broadcasters have been telling us for years that our FX 50, then FXi line of exciters are the best in the market for reliability and audio performance. That was true until we released our STXe line of exciters. If HD Radio or DRM+ is in your future, the STX 10 with STXe 500 exciter is ready for either standard, right now or in the future.
In looking at the total picture of Size, Efficiency, Redundancy, Reliability, Audio Performance, and Connectivity, the STX 10 is the best value at 10kW for the radio broadcaster.
Key Features

-Full RF redundancy with multiple front panel plug-in power amplifiers
-True proportional (VSWR) foldback to keep the transmitter on the air
even in the worst conditions
-Advanced transmitter controller provides exceptional front panel
transmitter control capabilities
-Extensive metering of individual modules & Conservative power rating
-Integrated automatic power control system maintains constant RF output power
-Developed with a low noise super cooling system that significantly extends transistor life
-Frequency agile, N+1 compatible so you can have an automatic back-up for any signal in the band
--Rack mountable - fits the standard 19-inch racks
Accessories are available: automatic exciter switcher, digital stereo generator or SCA generator
1kw, 2kw,3kw,4kw & 5kw Models
FM10S 10kW Solid State & FM20S 20kW Solid State
A solid combination of performance, reliability, ease of service and price define the FM 10S 10kW & 20S 20kW solid state FM transmitters from Broadcast Electronics. Engineered to the same exacting standards as our complete line of solid state FMs, these transmitters perform like no other in the industry. An extensive redundancy and protection system has been added that will keep your signal on the air even in the most extreme conditions. Optional standby exciter, IPA’s and power supplies can give you full power standby without having to buy another transmitter. The large lift off panels provide immediate access to every major assembly for fast and easy repair. In fact, these two have a lower Mean Time to Repair than any other comparable transmitters.

FM20T 20kW
FM25T 25kW
FM30T 30kW
FM35T 35kW
FM40T 40kW
Key Features

The patented folded half-wave cavity eliminates troublesome and unreliable DC plate blocking capacitors and all sliding RF contacts

True proportional (VSWR) foldback protects the transmitter under all antenna load conditions

Advanced transmitter controller design monitors virtually all operating parameters of the
transmitter and facilitates remote monitoring and full connectivity

High volume low pressure air flow improves heat transfer while reducing ambient noise

Extensive metering of PA parameters eases tuning and adjustment which allows for more efficient operation as proper operating parameters can be monitored and maintained

Complete remote control interface built-in allows for convenient use of all current remote control systems

The latest MOSFET technology is used in IPAs

RTDS (Remote Transmitter Diagnostic System) option available