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QEI QUANTUM MBB 2-5kW Transmitters
QEI FMQ 20000B-30000B FM Transmitter
QEI FMQ 8000B-10000B FM Transmitter
Designed for years of trouble free service, the totally solid-state QUANTUM MBB-Series of broadband FM transmitters provide unsurpassed signal performance. The QUANTUM MBB-Series of 2 and 5 kilowatt transmitters offer the FM broadcaster the benefits of QEIs experience in designing broadband solid-state FM RF amplifiers and combining systems.
QEI designed the FMQ-Series to deliver what broadcasters need, RELIABILITY. Every step of the way QEI selected only the highest quality components. You can feel it in the smooth and precise control of the tuning and see it in the massive plate transformer. The FMQ-Series are the best broadcast transmitters available.
QEI FMQ Series FM Transmitters, precision crafted to be the very best. The FMQ-20000B and FMQ-30000B share unique design elements that offer unequaled performance at any price. Conservatively designed for years of trouble free service the FMQ-Series provide a superb broadcast signal.
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QEI FMQ 3500B-5000B FM Transmitter
QEI QUANTUM E Series FM Transmitter
The QUANTUM E Series establishes a new level in FM transmitter performance with the advantage of being the highest power emergency backup exciter available. The E Series transmitters utilize the same Frequency Modulated Oscillator (FMO) utilized in the QUANTUM M Series Exciter, to provide un-compromised audio performance at an affordable price.
The FMQ-3500B and FMQ-5000B share common elements with the design of FMQ-8000B and FMQ-10000B and are easily and cost effectively field upgradeable to 5-kW, 8-kW, or 10-kW power levels.
The QUANTUM 1000E is an all solid-state, broadband design that incorporates two high power FET amplifier modules driven by a QUANTUM 50M FM exciter and it is designed to exceed the FCC requirements for use in the FM broadcast band.
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